In 1908, Ernesto De Quesada, Jahel De Quesada's great grandfather, initiated his cultural legacy in New York City. During that time, Berlin was a center of Music and Arts. Thus, Mr. De Quesada moved there and founded Konzertdirection H. Daniel.

Then, because of the First World War, Ernesto De Quesada moved to Madrid where he founded Sociedad Musical Daniel in 1914. Seven years later, he created the company Asociación de Cultura Musical.

In parallel, Ernesto De Quesada started operations in Latin America and became very well known there. Thanks to his work, Mexico, The Caribbean, Central and South America, could have access to the most distinguished artists of that time in the areas of music, opera and ballet.

Ernesto De Quesada had four sons. One of them, Ernesto De Quesada y Delgado, became in charge of Mexico. He and his wife, Concepción De Quesada, did an amazing work promoting and fostering culture. They represented many artists under the company name Conciertos Daniel which had originally been founded in 1923. Then in 1942, they created Asociación Musical Daniel to present concerts. They also produced and co- produced concerts, and built great relationships with governments, cultural institutions and venues in Mexico.

Janine De Quesada, daughter of Ernesto and Concepción De Quesada followed her parents’ steps and did a magnificent job representing artists, producing and co-producing concerts in Mexico for decades.

Jahel De Quesada, as the Fourth generation in the family, is now continuing the work of her Aunt Janine and her uncles Ernesto and Concepción. Jahel brings Classical Music and other top-of-the line artists to exclusive venues in Mexico. Among them are famous soloists, conductors, classical ensemble orchestras, ballets and renowned dance companies. Jahel also produces and in collaboration with cultural institutions, partners and sponsors.

On June 2012, Jahel brought The National Washington Symphony to Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Symphony featured virtuoso Maestro Cristoph Eschenbach and soloist Claudio Bohorquez.

For the past two years, Jahel has also represented Canada’s Top Violinist “Angele Dubeau” and her ensemble “La Pietá”. She presented them at Palacio de Bellas Artes in 2011 and took them to many festivals in different cities. Due to “Angele Dubeau & La Pieta” success, Jahel brought them back in 2012. They were presented at the Castillo de Chapultepec and Festival de Santa Lucía in Monterrey.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Conciertos Daniel in Mexico has represented the many artists and artistic performances. Among them are: